Voice & Video calls

How do I make a direct call with Call.com?

1. Open your Call.com app

2. Navigate to Contacts -> choose the person you wish to call

3. When calling a Call.com user, you have the choice to either start a free Call.com call or video call using the green buttons or make a regular call using the blue call button.

Note: In order to make a standard phone call, you must possess a virtual number from Call.com and sufficient credits.

4. If you need to reach someone who is not a Call.com user, your only choice is to place a regular phone call using your virtual Call.com number.

5. To add other users to your Call.com call, simply send them an invitation URL.

6. You can also send messages during calls

Note: Calls to emergency numbers are not permitted since the Call.com is not replacement for your phone

Do I have my own number where people can call me?

You can easily set up multiple additional mobile numbers that you your contacts can call you on. This allows you to keep you main number private, create international presence and also save on roaming fees when you are abroad.

How to make a group call

1. Navigate to Calls -> click the Make a call button

2. Select the Start a group call option

3. To find contacts, you can either type their name/mobile number in the Search field or browse through the contact list and choose from there. Once you're ready, simply click on the Start a group call button.

I have issues with making/receiving calls

There could be different factors that prevent you from making or receiving a call through Call.com:

In order to use Call.com, you need to be connected to the internet. Please make sure that your device is connected through Wi-Fi or mobile data. 

Make sure that you have free contacts. You can invite your contacts to Call.com and enjoy free calling and messaging with them.

Сalls and to non-Call.com users are chargeable so you need some credit. Ensure that you have credits

To ensure proper dialing, all calls should be dialed in an international format. Please make sure that you are dialing the number correctly.

If you are trying to reach a special service, premium rate, satellite, or IP number, please note that Call.com is not able to connect these types of calls.

I am having difficulty hearing or seeing the person I am calling

If you are experiencing issues with picture or sound, it is likely that your camera or microphone may be turned off.

When you download the Call.com app, you will be prompted to grant permissions necessary for the app to function correctly.

To make video calls with your Call.com contacts, ensure that you have given access to your camera.

In order to make calls and record audio messages, it is necessary to grant access to the microphone.

If you did not grant the necessary permissions during the installation of the Call.com app, you can manage them through your phone's general settings.

How can I make an international call?

When using Call.com, all calls, even local ones, require an international prefix. Follow these steps to dial an international number:

  • To access international service, dial 00 or the "+" symbol followed by the international code.
  • To make an international call, it's important to know the appropriate dialing code for the country you are calling. For example, the dialing code for the UK is 44, for France, it's 33, and for the UAE it's 971.
  • When placing a call, it's important to remember to omit the first zero when dialing the number. This will ensure that your call is properly connected without any issues. 

Can I call non-geographic numbers with Call.com?

Premium numbers are blocked although some non-geographic numbers can be called. Contact support@call for details and rates.