Fully-featured phone
in an app

Make local and international calls, chat, SMS, video-call on any device, right from one app.

Get a local number

Get a local number in any of the countries we offer, in just one click

Turn your tablet into a mobile phone

Turn your tablet into a fully functioning phone without the need for a mobile GSM SIM card

Send voice messages

Tired of typing or in a hurry? Send a voice message to make your communication more personal

Personalized voicemail

Get a visual overview of all your voicemail, skip forward, rewind, you’re in control!

Send multi-recipient SMS

Don’t waste time copy-pasting SMS to each of your contacts, send them all at once with multi-recipient SMS feature

Control availability

Get detailed control over your availability for each virtual number you enable in the app

Use call forwarding

Can't answer a phone call ? Set an automatic call forward to one of your teammates

Perfect for small businesses

Manage your company and team communication effortlessly with advanced business features

Story Behind Darkbit - Darkbit X Webflow Template
Story Behind Darkbit - Darkbit X Webflow Template
Story Behind Darkbit - Darkbit X Webflow Template

Synchronize your contacts

Synchronize your contacts with your phone

Affordable international rates

Make calls to hundreds of destinations at low rates

Reassign numbers in one click

A team member is leaving the company? You can easily reassign the number to another team member

Transfer credit easily

Easily transfer personal credit to family members or friends. Company credit is shared across the team

Full featured chat

Audio messages, emoji, images, video, etc. Get the best tone for your message

Unlimited video calls

Make HD video calls with up to 10 participants

SMS and group SMS

All virtual mobile numbers have SMS capability and the option to send SMS to a group of people

Personalized voicemail

Give the best personalized experience to your clients, even when you can't answer their phone call with personalized voicemail for each of your numbers

Secure & private communication

Get extra security and privacy with a virtual number

Login Activity

Know what devices that have access to your account, and where and when the last login occured

Block numbers

Easily control who can contact you by blocking numbers. Manage your blocked list easily

Log out remotely

Found a suspicious activity on your number? Instantly logout of any device to keep your account secure

Control your availability

Set the time and date your number can be called and gain a better control of your work-life balance