All-in-one communication app for FREE!

For personal and business use

Access to acquire a virtual number that suits your needs
Unlimited HD videocalls (up to 10 people)
Unlimited chats
Mobile App and Web app
Get a real phone number from $3.99

Frequently Asked Questions

Is really free?

Yes! The app is free and you can call and message other users for free.
You can view call rates to app users and number costs in the app.

Are local numbers free as well?

Local number price starts at $3.99 and depend on the local number you want. You can check all numbers and prices in the app.

How are calls charged?

Calls are charged in 60 second intervals, so calling for 5 minutes and 1 second is charged the same as 5 minutes and 59 seconds.

Where can I view call rates?

Our call rates are available in the app.

Will my mobile operator charge me for using

Calls over Wifi or when using your own Internet connections will not be charged. Your operator may charge you for mobile data, and for national calls if using Local Access. Please check your mobile operator contract.