I have issues with making/receiving calls

There could be different factors that prevent you from making or receiving a call through Call.com:

- In order to use Call.com, you need to be connected to the internet. Please make sure that your device is connected through Wi-Fi or mobile data. 

- Make sure that you have free contacts. You can invite your contacts to Call.com and enjoy free calling and messaging with them.

- Сalls and to non-Call.com users are chargeable so you need some credit. Ensure that you have credits

- To ensure proper dialing, all calls should be dialed in an international format. Please make sure that you are dialing the number correctly.

- If you are trying to reach a special service, premium rate, satellite, or IP number, please note that Call.com is not able to connect these types of calls.

If you're having trouble with picture or sound when making a call, it could be because your camera or microphone is turned off. When you download the app, you'll be asked to grant permissions to allow it to work properly. To make video calls with your Call.com contacts, make sure your camera is accessible. And to make calls and record audio messages, you'll need to grant access to your microphone. If you didn't grant permissions during the installation process, you can manage them in your phone's settings.

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