How to start a direct chat

With the app, you can chat with the users for free or send an SMS to users from your additional number

1. Open your app

2. Navigate to Contacts -> select a person you want to message

3. If you are sending a message to the user, you will have both options: to start a free chat (the green message button) or to send a regular SMS (the blue message button)

Note:  to send  SMS, you need to have a virtual number and credits.

4. If you want to send a message to a user, you will have only the option to send SMS by using your virtual number


1. To send voice recordings or attachments, tap the Plus button next to the text input

2. Select one of the options

3. You can also send a voice message by clicking the Microphone button

How to start a group chat

Group chats are commonly used by friends and families to keep in touch with each other, share photos and videos, etc. Teams and businesses usually coordinate their work, answer questions and share ideas. The app has many features that make communication in groups easy no matter their purpose.

Note: the maximum number of group chat participants is 20. Group chats can be used only between the users

1. Open your app

2. Navigate to Chats -> tap the Create new chat button

3. Tap the Start a group chat button

4. You can use the Search field to quickly find your contacts or scroll and select contacts from the list. Tap the Start a group chat button

5.  You can also send a group SMS to contacts using your virtual number

Who can I message for free?

You can send free messages, voice message, files and have group chats with any other users. Your free Contacts are  displayed with the icon in the app. You can invite your contacts to from the app.

Why should I send an SMS from SMS are cheaper than regular SMS, especially for international texts. You can send SMS to any type of phone, anywhere in the world. You can also send and receive SMS from your additional numbers.

I have issues with sending/receiving messages

There could be several reasons why you are unable to send or receive a message through

  • To use, your device needs to be connected to the internet. Just make sure you're connected through Wi-Fi or mobile data and you're good to go!
  • It appears that you have not added any contacts yet. You can invite them to so that you can text them for free. This is an excellent method to stay connected without any additional expenses. To ensure that you can message someone using, check if they have the app installed. If they do, you will notice the icon next to their profile.
  • In order to send SMS to users, you need to purchase credit as it incurs charges. You can easily purchase credit either through our website or within the app.
  • When sending a message to someone who is not using the app, make sure that the recipient's phone number is accurate and in the international format.

How to delete chats

1. Open your app

2. Select the chat you need to delete

3. Click the More options button and select one of the options. Archiving the chat means that this conversation will be temporarily hidden from your list of chats. If you later send a message to this contact, the whole chat story will be back. If you want completely delete the chat history, select the Delete option