How to add virtual numbers for business account

Business account is available in the web browser version/ PWA an is not available on mobile devices
Since the business account is separated from your private account, you'll need to buy dedicated virtual numbers specifically for your business. This will ensure that your clients and customers can reach you without ever having to mix up your personal and professional life
Make sure that you have enough credits for purchasing virtual numbers on your business account

Instructions for PWA/web browser:

1.Open your app

2.Select the Business account

3.If you do not have credits on on your business account, start from adding credits to your balance. Click the "Add" button next to the Balance.

4.After you added credits, click the "Add" button next to the Phone Numbers

5.After you entered the required information and selected preferable options, tap the Buy now button

6.6.Confirm your purchase. You will see your virtual numbers under the Phone numbers section now

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