Getting Started

What is

With the app, you can effortlessly communicate with your contacts through chats, calls, and video calls. If you're contacting another user, online calls and chats are free. can be used worldwide, but keep in mind that certain features may vary based on your location.

Besides this, offers a range of free and low-cost phone numbers on its mobile app for making calls and sending messages. This means you don't need any other service. You can save money on local and international calls and use multiple phone numbers on your existing phone. This way, you can keep your personal number private and use your numbers for different purposes.

You can use on all your devices simultaneously. Your messages and call history are automatically synced across all your devices for a seamless experience.

Note: You cannot make simultaneous calls from multiple devices using a single account.

What features does the app have?

You can save on local and international calls and get additional phone numbers on your existing phone, allowing you to keep your personal number private and use your Vyke numbers for work, online dating, classified ads or a host of other reasons. offers the following features:

  • Protect your privacy by keeping your personal number confidential. 
  • Send free text and voice messages
  • Conduct free voice and video calls 
  • Participate in group calls and chats
  • Share photos, videos, and files
  • Use emojis and reactions 
  • Make low-cost calls & SMS to users
  • Receive calls & SMS from users
  • Customize each Vyke profile
  • Personalize each voicemail
  • Easily see who is calling
  • Decide when you are available

Can I use when I am roaming abroad?

Yes, you can avoid roaming fees when abroad by making/receiving calls and sending/receiving messages with the app. We recommend you use Wi-Fi when abroad as your operator will charge you for data usage.

Can I receive calls with

Yes. You can receive calls on your numbers on any device. All inbound calls are routed from the caller over the internet to the app, so you must have internet access to receive calls. You can set up voicemail for when you are not online or unavailable.

Can I use instead of my SIM card? is an over the top service. You must have a mobile phone number from a recognised mobile provider in order to to validate your account by SMS. You can then use your account on tablets without the need for a SIM.

Are there connection fees?

There are no connection fees or any other hidden costs.

Calls are charged in 60 second blocks.

How secure is my communication?

App-to-app calls are fully encrypted thereby safeguarding your personal information.