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Jul 5, 2023

Why You Need a Virtual Phone Number as a Freelancer

A virtual phone number can help freelancer tremendously

Why You Need a Virtual Phone Number as a Freelancer

The life of a freelancer is challenging, yet rewarding. As a freelancer, you control your life completely - there is no boss but you. Being your own boss comes with a unique set of challenges, though. You have to constantly pitch to prospective customers, get new leads, and widen your network while relying only on the tools at your disposal. 

One of the tools at your disposal is your phone. It may be tempting to use your personal phone number for business purposes as a freelancer instead of looking at other options, and that can work for a while. However, there is a better way. Enter: the virtual phone number. A virtual phone number is a boon for any freelancer in a number of different ways.

A virtual phone number keeps your information secure

Being a freelancer typically means sharing your personal number for most of your communication. This includes adding it to a business presentation, website, social media, or even a business card. Over time, you lose control of who has your phone number and it begins to cause more chaos then it does help. On top of that, most of those calls could end up being robots or spam. 

With a virtual phone number, you prevent your personal number from being shared. If you’re worried about excess calls after your working hours, then you can set your availability to prevent any contacts from getting through to you when you don’t want them to. You'll also have access to call logs which tell you who has called and contacted you, and have more control over when (and where) you access your number.

A virtual phone number is more professional

Freelancers typically communicate via phone or email. While it's easier to create a more professional email account and address clients with respect, sharing a personal number can be a different story.

When you share your private number, you open yourself up to a lot of professional risks. If your voicemail is unprofessional (or even sounds like a personal voicemail as opposed to a business’s voicemail), then some businesses will take that as a sign that you are not the right fit for them. The same is true if your phone number leads to your social media profiles; if a client finds you on social media and does not like what they see, then you could lose that business.  Luckily, a virtual phone number can help solve both of these problems.

If you get a virtual phone number from, then you can set a separate voicemail for that number. Additionally, a phone number acquired from will not be tied to any of your social media profiles. By utilizing a virtual phone number, you can keep up your personal life without compromising your professional opportunities.

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A virtual phone number is more convenient 

Reading this article, you may have already realized that it would benefit you to have a second number. But, adding a brand new phone and phone number to your tools can be a lengthy process, especially for a freelancer. The process of getting a virtual phone number, though, doesn't take a lot of time. There is no hardware to install and your number will be operational in a matter of minutes; All you have to do is download the app and sign up for the service.

Adding a virtual number makes it more convenient for you to start work quicker, and switch between your personal and business numbers - all without needing to get a new device.

A virtual phone number lets you work from anywhere

The best advantage of using a virtual phone number is that you can work from anywhere you want. It can be from your house, from a café, or even while you're traveling. 

Most businesses only use office phones to communicate with their customers. This leaves people crammed in a single place, and sometimes with no privacy. A virtual phone number works from any device you set it up with and can be taken with you on the go. By attaching a mobile number to your phone, you're able to stay in communication with clients wherever you need (or want) to be. 

A virtual phone number from can even be used on a desktop or other computer, giving you quick and easy access to cloud storage or other apps you use in your business operations. This quick access could make you seem more professional and efficient, helping you earn business from clients that would otherwise walk away.

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Time to add a virtual phone number to your toolkit

Freelancing shouldn't be complicated, and the resources to get started shouldn't cost you your entire savings. Virtual phone numbers from services like can help you kickstart your freelance business and grow your client base. Start planning ahead and try today.