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Jul 5, 2023

3 Reasons to Use a Virtual Number Living Abroad

Using a virtual phone number makes it easy and cheap to talk to people abroad and overseas.

3 Reasons to Use a Virtual Number Living Abroad

You’ve found yourself living abroad, maybe as part of an overseas work assignment or while completing your studies in another country, and you’re feeling homesick. You miss your family and friends, but you don’t have the means to travel home very often to catch up in person. Your solution? A virtual phone number that keeps you connected to people back home and gives you peace of mind in knowing that if there is an emergency, then your loved ones can reach you quickly from anywhere in the world. Here are 3 reasons that you should use a virtual phone number while living overseas.

#1: Not all communication apps are legal everywhere

The legality of communication apps varies from country to country. This can be confusing, especially when you're living abroad and your friends still live in your home country. 

Communication apps will help you communicate sometimes, but they are not guaranteed to work everywhere. Even if they are legal, there is a possibility that you will get fined for using them on the wrong network. 

This is where virtual numbers come into play! Virtual phone numbers from can be used exactly like any other phone number. No need to worry about the legality of communication apps - text messages to virtual numbers will come into your phone the exact same way any other SMS message would come in. You won’t have to worry about legality wherever you may be. Using a virtual phone number means that the people you care about will be able to call you or text you wherever you may be. No more concerns about what apps or services you can or cannot use in whatever country you may be in at that moment.

#2: No need for a new phone or SIM card

Most phones and sim cards are "locked" - they can only be used in a particular geographic area or on a particular carrier's network. So, many people that move internationally find out that they will need to buy an entirely new phone or sim card to use in their new location. A new SIM card can cost upwards of $30-$40 USD. If your phone cannot switch SIM cards, then you could be out hundreds of dollars for a new phone.

Luckily, virtual phone numbers can help you get around these area restrictions. Virtual phone numbers send and receive phone calls and messages via a wireless internet connection, so you don’t need a sim card to use them. So, you can cut that $30-$40 fee for a new SIM card down to just a few dollars to use a virtual number.

#3: Don’t worry about expensive international calling rates

International calling rates can be really expensive, especially on pay as you go plans. As the person living abroad, you won’t be the only one that feels this burden; whomever you are calling will be forced to pay international rates as well. Virtual phone numbers can help you avoid all of that. 

If you use a virtual number that is set in your home country, then neither party will pay international fees. Messages and calls will be made over the internet, so you will not have to pay international fees abroad. For the people you are communicating with back home, you’ll be using a local number - no international fees. Instead, you’ll just be paying’s rates. Using a virtual number will let you communicate with the people you care about in your home country without either party having to pay massive costs just to talk to each other.

Staying Connected Abroad

Having a virtual phone number is an excellent way to keep in touch with the friends and family members that you had to leave behind. It's also a great way to stay connected with your business contacts that might be located outside of your new home country. A service like can help you set up a virtual phone number to stay connected everywhere. Try today.