Apr 2, 2024

Keep Your Personal Info Safe with a Virtual Phone Number

Learn how to use a virtual phone number to protect your personal information from

Keep Your Personal Info Safe with a Virtual Phone Number

As the internet becomes more and more ubiquitous in our lives, you may find yourself using your phone for other aspects in your life. This can range from work calls, to signing up to an online dating site, or setting up two-factor authentication. However, the more you use your phone, the greater the risk you involve yourself in. By taking certain actions online, you can prevent your information from being hacked. One of those steps is using a virtual phone number. 

The Importance of Protecting Your Personal Data

Your personal data is important to your protection. With technology ever-growing, new viruses and methods of hacking are created to keep up with the new safety measures. The last thing you want is someone getting ahold of your information and potentially using it against you. From identity theft to your finances, there are many reasons why protecting your data is important. 

For instance, it can be difficult to stay vigilant when identity thieves are constantly looking for new methods to steal your credit card or Social Security number. Without the right security, your identity and all your financial information can be taken in the snap of a finger. And remember: it's much harder to recover from identity theft than it is to prevent it. This means being prepared from threats you don't even know exist yet.

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Protecting Your Data With Virtual Phone Numbers

As we mentioned earlier, technology is rapidly-evolving. Each year, new features and security measures are added to give users a better experience and protection. That also means hackers are working hard to test and develop new methods of acquiring information about you. Sometimes all it takes is having your phone number.

Virtual phone numbers are here to stave off any unwanted hackers. This cloud-based telephone number relies on an internet connection to make and receive calls from any phone. It isn’t tied to a fixed location or phone line, making it much more difficult for people with malicious intentions to tie the number to your personal information.

Separate business calls from personal calls

Studies show that applications commonly used by businesses account for over 70% of all data breaches. The biggest risk to your personal data is cross-contamination with your business life. Luckily, you can use a virtual phone number to separate your business calls from your personal calls. 

If you sign up for a virtual phone number application like, then you can generate a phone number that is only used for business purposes. That way, signing up for trials, conferences, etc. for your business won’t risk compromising your personal information. The less you have to sign up for different apps or services using your personal phone number, the less likely it is that your sensitive personal information will be exposed.

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Protect location data

Another great feature to virtual phone numbers is that they protect your location data. Regular phone numbers will use phone networks to send and receive calls and messages. So, there is always a set of data leading back to your location that could potentially be exposed. Virtual phone numbers, on the other hand, use a wireless internet connection. Protecting your location data over the internet is a much simpler task than protecting it over a phone network through the use of tools like VPNs. These tools can provide a lot more location anonymity to your communication. That anonymity, combined with encryption features like transport layer security (TLS) and secure real-time transport protocol (SRTP), means that virtual phone numbers are incredibly secure.

Other benefits of having a virtual phone number

Aside from protecting your data, virtual phone numbers open several other opportunities for people wanting to separate their personal and work-related calls. 

One of the chief benefits of having a virtual number is the ability to divert calls to whatever device you wish to receive them; can divert calls from mobile to the desktop app, or to another phone without the app.

Localizing phone numbers is another popular reason for using a virtual number. Since most customers prefer doing business with a local/national service provider, virtual numbers come in handy by helping your business establish a local presence and add a more personalized feel to customer interactions.

Not only that, but services like ours allow users to communicate globally or locally with ease, and provide instant switch access from your phone call to desktop with one tap. If you're looking to protect your information, look no further than