What is a number? virtual numbers are extra mobile phone numbers that you can use on your primary mobile device. They allow you to make and receive calls, as well as send and receive messages over Wi-Fi or mobile data, without revealing your personal number.

They allow you to connect with people or share your number while keeping your personal number private. 

You can use numbers for various purposes, such as work, dating, classified ads, online selling, web forms, international presence, or to avoid unwanted calls.

You can find affordable phone numbers with rates starting at less than 1p/1c per minute. Simply check the app to view all the costs, which are clearly displayed for your convenience. your app.

How to purchase the virtual number

1. Open your app

2. Navigate to Virtual numbers -> click the Buy new number button

3. Please enter the profile name you would like to use for this phone number. Choose the country you will be calling from, and select a number from the available options. The cost of the number will depend on the package duration you select. When you are ready, simply click the Buy button.

How long does it take to activate my number?

Your number is active from the time you create your new profile, but in some cases it may take a couple of hours to be published amongst all international networks.


1. Open your app

2. To assign a voicemail, go to Virtual Numbers and choose the number you want to assign it to.

3. Navigate to the Voicemail settings

4. Ensure that the toggle is turned on.

5. To set up a greeting,  tap the Greeting button. From there, you can choose to either select a custom greeting or record your own.

What happens to my number if it expires?

In the app's Settings, you can easily see when your number(s) will expire. While we will give you a heads-up before your number(s) expire, it is ultimately your responsibility to keep track.

If your subscription ends and you don't renew it, your number will be removed permanently. Unfortunately, expired numbers cannot be restored.